What Happens If a Man Takes the Pill?

What Happens If a Man Takes the Pill?
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The birth control pills keep women from becoming pregnant by preventing an egg from implanting in the uterine lining. Birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin that alter a woman’s menstrual cycle. The pills are not intended for use in men. But some men may take them accidentally, while others may take them on purpose to be more feminine. No matter what are the reasons, what will happen?

What Happens If a Man Takes the Pill?

Usually, when a man takes a birth control pill by accident, which means he only takes one or two pills, nothing happens. However, if a man takes birth control pills over a long period of time, the cumulative effect of the pills would become evident. He may see the changes in following aspects:

1. Sexual Functioning

Since birth control pills contain female hormones which can counter the effect of testosterone, men who take the pills can expect to have reduced sexual functioning, including:

  • trouble getting or maintaining an erection
  • lower sperm count
  • reduced sex drive
  • a shrinking of the testes

Men may also notice an increase in breast tissue as well as the darkening of the skin around their nipples.

2. Physical Appearance

In addition to helping with male sexual functioning, testosterone helps with the building and maintaining of muscle and bone mass. When a man takes the pill, the testosterone works less effectively.

Therefore, the man can expect to lose muscle tissue and bone strength. The muscle loss will be most obvious in areas where large muscle tissue exists, such as the chest, legs and arms. The bone loss will be very similar to osteoporosis in women. In addition, the body and facial hair will become less thick.

3. Mental States

What happens if a man takes the pill? Due to the fact that men usually have more aggressive and assertive tendencies than women, the increase in female hormones in the male body may also lead to a more docile temperament. Insomnia and confusion can also occur. There are some cases where depression may result, due to the physical changes that occur when a man takes the pills, especially when these changes are unintended.

4. Health Risk

  • Birth control pills increase the risk of developing blood clots in men, especially if they smoke.
  • The higher levels of estrogen brought on by the pills can sometimes make the prostate bigger and increase the chance of prostate cancer.
  • There is also an increased risk of gallbladder and liver disease.

There is a possibility that men taking the pill have less chance of having heart attacks, but more researches need to be done.

Other Ways to Be More Feminine

In fact, few men will take the pills by accident. One of the primary reasons men will take the pill is to modify their physical sex to match their gender identity. They want to obtain the female physical characteristics. While somewhat effective, there are unintended risks. Knowing the answer to “what happens if a man takes the pill” many men opt for less risky options.

1. Physical Expression

The female gender is more than just physical sex characteristics. Elements of appearance, like clothing, mannerisms, hair and make-up are all things that help establish the female gender identity in society. By implementing these non-medical characteristics, you can feel more feminine without taking birth control pills.

2. Community Involvement

Finding the right group of friends and colleagues can help with gender expression. When you’re around those you are comfortable with and not afraid to be yourself, you can be more able to express your chosen gender identity. Participating in understanding and open-minded online communities and support groups can help you feel more confident in being yourself.

3. Hobbies and Personal Interests

Just like there are things you can do to your physical appearance to appear (and feel) more feminine, there are also activities you can engage in to feel more feminine. For example, partaking in interests that are dominated by the female sex can help you feel more feminine. But interests can include anything that helps you feel feminine, even if others may not feel what you’re doing is a “feminine” activity.

4. Professional Help

Grappling with gender identity can be difficult and often warrants the assistance of a mental health professional. Depending on your situation, talking to a therapist can help you explore your identity. If you end up taking steps to physically alter your gender, such as surgery or hormone intervention, therapy may actually be required.

The Story of a Man Who Takes the Pill

Want to know what happens if a man takes the pill? Here’s a first-person story.

“I’m a transsexual. During my transitioning period from male to female, I took the pill. I dealt with all the things you might expect from a surge of female hormones. My breasts began to grow. My body hair began to vanish. My body became softer and rounder, thanks to the differences in how women and men deposit fat. I didn’t have high testosterone to begin with, so these changes were pretty pronounced for me.

I also had a few problems with my mood at the start, such as depression, anxiety and similar issues. What didn’t change was my voice! I had to see a speech pathologist for that.”