What Are Normal Levels of Insulin?

What Are Normal Levels of Insulin?
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Many people carefully monitor their glucose levels for signs of diabetes, but how many do the same with insulin levels? Your body requires constant circulation of insulin in the blood all the time, even when you’re not eating. The level of insulin circulating in your bloodstream is a good indication of your overall health and may be able to predict your risk of sudden death, so it’s really useful to know your insulin levels. But what levels of insulin are normal, and how do you know when things have gone awry?

What Are Normal Insulin Levels?

Your insulin levels will be typically measured in micro units per milliliter (mcU/ml or mIU/ml). However, experts often disagree on what should be the “ideal” levels of glucose.

What Are Normal Levels of Insulin?

According to Health Central, the levels should be about 10-20 mcU/ml, while a Dr. Mercola says the normal levels should be under 5 mcU/ml. However, according to Stephen Guyenet, a researcher from University of Washington, the average blood insulin levels in the American population are 8.4 mIU/ml for women and 8.6 mIU/ml for men, but given the prevalence of obesity and metabolic disorders in the US, the ideal level is probably between 2-6 mcU/ml.

Insulin levels are often assessed after fast for some time. One study, carried out in Arizona, found that women who had a fasting insulin level of 8 mcU/ml were more than twice as likely to develop prediabetes as those with 5 mcU/ml insulin levels. Women with 25 mcU/ml fasting insulin level had over 5 times the risk of prediabetes than women with 5 mcU/ml insulin level.

Of course, the amount of insulin in the bloodstream will fluctuate in accordance with the levels of glucose. For more information on this, read the table below (information source: Medscape):

Normal Insulin Level

Normal Insulin Level (SI Units*)