Skin Care

Skin Care
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Rodan and Fields Skin Care Reviews Aug 24, 2020

Rodan and Fields is developed by dermatologists for problem skin. Looking at internet Rodan and Fields skin care reviews, opinions on the products are mixed. View Full Article.

Causes and Dealing Methods of Pimples on Your Lip Aug 23, 2020

Lip pimples are painful and unsightly, often caused by an allergic reaction, poor diet, etc. But the condition is easily manageable with some remedies. View Full Article.

Belly Button Piercing Rejection Aug 22, 2020

What are the symptoms of belly button piercing rejection? What causes it and how to deal with it? Can you repierce after a belly button piercing rejection? View Full Article.

How to Prevent a Burn from Scarring Aug 15, 2020

Wonder how to prevent a burn from scarring? Cleaning is the first thing to do. Then you can apply cream or massage it to promote healing. But if the burn is severe, see a doctor! View Full Article.

Causes and 8 Remedies of Ingrown Hair Bumps Aug 11, 2020

Ingrown hair is common; it can cause bumps on the skin. Learn about the causes and some home remedies such as warm compress to get rid of these bumps. View Full Article.

6 Tips for Showering with a New Tattoo Aug 04, 2020

Showering with a new tattoo is allowed after at least 24 hours. You need to watch water temperature, avoid direct water to the tattoo, and clean it gently. Here are more tips. View Full Article.

How to Properly Shave Your Legs Aug 02, 2020

Looking for ways on how to properly shave your legs? Before shaving, you need to prepare your skin for it and choosing the right tool is equally important. View Full Article.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Eczema Aug 02, 2020

Eczema can be effectively treated with apple cider vinegar, which is all-natural and chemical free. Learn how to use ACV in the right way to accelerate healing. View Full Article.

Can I Use Coconut Oil as Sunscreen? Aug 02, 2020

Whether to use coconut oil as sunscreen or not is still under dispute. Come to find out the pros and cons and what other safe sun protection options are available in summer. View Full Article.

Itching After Tanning Jul 28, 2020

Itching after tanning is annoying. It can be caused by dry skin, sunburn and other 4 reasons. Luckily, home remedies and some drugs work wonders to treat itching! View Full Article.