Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

Signs You Need a Breast Reduction
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For most of us, we wish that we have larger breasts. More men feel attracted to girls with larger bosoms while many women feel green with envy when they see a fellow lady with larger breasts. Whilst it’s aesthetically pleasing to have large breasts, did you know that it comes with cons and disadvantages? For once, having large breasts brings discomfort and major inconvenience. Aside from the constant back pain, there are lots of activities that you feel you’re limited to do because of the size of your breasts. This is why despite many women who are wishing to have large breasts, there are still some who are considering of undergoing a breast reduction. However, before you make such a big decision, check on the list below if you really need a breast reduction.

Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

1. Buying bra is a struggle

Finding a perfect bra is like finding a gem amidst a stock of hay; you would need to look very carefully and patiently before you can find a perfect one. Finding a perfect bra is already a struggle even to those with normal breast sizes, and this struggle doubles when your breasts are large. Most bras that fit larger breasts perfectly and provide enough support are not only rare but also expensive.

2. Body pain is a constant companion

A pair of D-cup breasts weighs between 15 and 23 pounds, that’s the same weight of two small turkeys. Imagine carrying two small turkeys every day. It’s no wonder that women with large breasts are always suffering from back, neck, head and shoulder pains because of the strain of their breast’s weight.

3. Having an active lifestyle may sound elusive

If you think constant body pain tops the most inconvenient cons of having large breasts, think again. Aside from physical discomfort, larger breasts also limit you from certain activities. If you find it hard to live an active lifestyle and carry out running, aerobic exercises, swimming, yoga and other form of exercises because of the size of your breast, then it’s one of the signs you need a breast reduction.

4. Shopping for clothes becomes a nightmare

Who does not love shopping? Unfortunately, some girls with large breasts have developed a negative feeling towards shopping. Finding clothes that fit is as hard as finding a four-leaf clover. You may find a lovely dress that hugs your waist perfectly, yet it’s too tight on your breast area. Finding a perfect swimwear that provides coverage is just as hard too.

5. You’re often a victim of cat-calling and unwanted attention

Many women are not stranger to sexual abuse. Being cat-called while innocently walking on a busy street has become a constant experience to some women. Women with larger breasts are more prone of unwanted attention just because of the size of their bosom. She can wear a loose-fitting turtle neck and yet it would still be hard for her not to be sexualized.

6. You may not be taken seriously

As humiliating as it sounds, we live in a society where we are judged of how we look. Some women with bigger breast cups are only perceived as someone with large breast, despite how talented and smart they can be. They may be taken less seriously at work and their co-workers may only remember her breast size as her identity, regardless of her skills and professionalism.

7. You have extremely and abnormally large breasts

One of the obvious signs you need a breast reduction is having excessively large boobs. The size of your breasts could be a reason why your body is not proportioned. This extra weight does not only bring exhaustion but it has also some negative long-term effects on your body for trying to make up for the imbalance and excessive size.

8. It affects your body posture

Do you feel that your breasts are literally bringing you down? It’s no surprise that a large breast does not only cause your body to be disproportioned; it can also affect your body posture. Your breasts may be too large for your body, causing you to have poor posture. Many health and psychological issues are strongly correlated to poor posture.

9. You’re prone to skin rashes beneath your breasts

Aside from constant backache, other common complaint of women with large breasts is chafing or skin rash beneath their breasts. Larger breasts are more susceptible to irritation, infection and chafing because of constant rubbing, warmth and sweating of the breast area.

10. Standing up or sitting up straight for longer period is a challenge

Having large breasts limit your physical activity and this does not exclude standing up or sitting down for long periods of time. You get easily tired because the size of your breast is pulling you down.

11. You’re worried of premature breast sagging

Breast sagging will happen to most women but if you are experiencing it on your teenage or early 20’s, then it’s one of the signs you need a breast reduction. The weight of your breast is putting too much pressure on the skin’s elasticity, causing your breast to sag prematurely.

12. If you’re not happy with your body

We only live once so if having large breasts causes you many inconvenience and unhappiness, by all means undergo breast reduction.

If You Do Consider a Breast Reduction Surgery, Know These

There’s more to breast reduction surgery than going under the knife for a few hours and walk out of the clinic happy and contented with your new breasts.

Here are the things that you need to know about breast reduction surgery:

  • Some insurance company may not cover the operation.
  • Your doctor may suggest that you lose some excess body weight before undergoing the operation.
  • You may need additional procedures such as contour or shaping on the areas around your breasts.
  • You may experience minor post-operation issues such as infection of the surgery.
  • You may still feel the pain for a week after the operation.
  • It may take time for the breasts to heal and look natural.
  • Your nipple may loss some degree of sensitivity.
  • Breastfeeding may be hard.

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