Sex and Relationship

Sex and Relationship
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Differences of Non-Virgin and Virgin Aug 25, 2020

How to tell the differences of virgin and non-virgin? Pictures might help, but paying attention to her actions helps more. Check the differences here. View Full Article.

How to Stop Being Needy Aug 20, 2020

Learning how to stop being needy help you establish good relationship with your boyfriend. So, what you should do? Come find out 9 great suggestions listed here! View Full Article.

How Many Times Can a Guy Come? Aug 19, 2020

Many men want to increase their sexual stamina, and may wonder, “how many times can a guy come?” Theoretically it’s quite a few, but most men need time before getting another erection. View Full Article.

Sex in Periods Is Safe or Not? Aug 10, 2020

Sex in periods is safe or not?Actually, no health issues associate with this act. Find out how to enjoy sex in periods and resolve certain concerns to have an ideal period sex. View Full Article.

Orgasm During Early Pregnancy Aug 07, 2020

Orgasm during early pregnancy won’t hurt your baby unless you are having certain issues. Get to know them and more interesting facts about orgasm during pregnancy. View Full Article.

What Are the Most Sensitive Areas in Women? Aug 06, 2020

Has your sexual life reached a plateau? Don’t worry! A female body has many sensitive areas to explore. Know what they are to enjoy better sexual life. View Full Article.

Things to Masturbate With Aug 06, 2020

There are many things to masturbate with whether you are male or female. This article covers the top five things for men and top five things for women to masturbate with. View Full Article.

How Many Times Can You Masturbate? Aug 05, 2020

How many times you can masturbate is an embarrassing question to ask and it doesn’t have an exact answer. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with your life. View Full Article.

Tips for First Time Sex Before Marriage Aug 03, 2020

First time sex before marriage may feel awkward and painful. But there are ways to make your first sex more pleasurable. Safe sex should also be taken into account. View Full Article.

Should I Tell My Partner I Have HPV? Aug 03, 2020

Should I tell my partner I have HPV? Yes! You may want to keep it to yourself, but this would mean exposing your partner to HPV that could prove lethal. Know when and how to do it. View Full Article.