Refried Beans Nutrition

Refried Beans Nutrition
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Originated in Mexico, refried beans are also known as frijoles refritos or simply “well-fried beans”. There are four ingredients in basic refried beans – onion, pinto beans, bacon fat, and garlic. Refried beans nutrition value is quite impressive, mainly due to the presence of nutritious ingredients. It is a great way to provide you with fiber, protein, and complex carbs in an easy way. It is, however, important to ensure that you do not use added salt while cooking. Keep reading to learn more about enjoying refried beans in the right way.

Refried Beans Nutrition

Refried beans taste good and since they include nutritious ingredients, they offer several benefits as well. You will get protein, fiber, vitamins, and much more from refried beans. Here are more of itsnutrition facts – the table below gives info about nutrients in 1 cup (238g) of refried beans:

General Nutrients







Fat Total




How Does Refried Beans Benefit Us?

It is quite natural to think that everything fried is bad for your health because it has to be loaded with saturated fat. That is not the case though when you talk aboutrefried beans. Considering the refried beans nutrition facts, you are sure to get some health benefits by including them in your diet.

Refried Beans Nutrition

1. General Benefits

Refried beans are a great source of iron which improves your cells ability to carry oxygen. This keeps you from feeling fatigued and lethargic. A serving of refried beans also contains vitamin C as well as B-vitamins that work as antioxidants and eliminate free radicals from your body. They also have soluble fiber that makes you feel full and helps lower cholesterol. Besides, they also regulate blood sugar and help you maintain a healthy body weight.

2. Cardiovascular Benefits

Thanks to the presence of fiber, refried beans help lower cholesterol and improve blood circulation as well. This keeps you from dealing with cardiovascular problems. Vitamin B6 in refried beans improves cardiovascular health by lowering the levels of homocysteine in the blood. Potassium and other minerals also help regulate the electrical impulses and promote a healthy heartbeat.

3. Cancer Benefits

The presence of plant-based substances called polyphenols make pinto beans extremely beneficial for your health. They also contain kaempferol that inhibits the growth of cancer cells in your body and offers protection against pancreatic and colon cancer.

Delicious Recipes with Refried Beans

Considering refried beans nutrition facts, you may already be thinking of adding them to your diet. Luckily, you can find several recipes to make delicious refried beans at home. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Cheesy Refried Bean Poblanos



4 medium, halved and seeded

Fat-free refried beans

Microwavable cooked long grain rice

One 8.8-ounce pack

Pre-shredded Mexican blend cheese (reduced fat)

Time and Yield

Total Time


Refried Beans Nutrition


  • With cut sides up, place chile halves on a round plate – opt for a microwave-safe plat for this. Use a wax paper to cover it and cook it at high for 3 minutes.
  • Combine rice, beans and picante sauce in a bowl and stir well.
  • Get out chile halves and spread bean mixture on it. Use wax paper to cover it and microwave again for another two minutes at High.
  • Get it out and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of cheese and microwave again for another minute or two.
  • Sprinkle with cilantro and serve!

2. Tasty Refried Beans and Chicken