Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery

Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery
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Pregnancy and having a baby is a very exciting time. It isn’t uncommon for women to want childbirth to be the best experience in their lives. It can also cause anxiety over whether the delivery will go smoothly or not. Pregnancy tips for normal delivery can help you plan for that special day when you meet your new baby.

Over 95% of all women are perfectly capable of delivering a baby. There can be complications, but they are actually quite rare. Even in a normal birth, moms need plenty of help and encouragement to make things easier. This article will help you understand the things that can help make delivery a great experience!

8 Best Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery

Meeting your new baby can be a very special time and you probably want delivery to be as easy as possible. The best way to do that is prepare yourself during pregnancy so your body is ready for the task of giving birth naturally.

1. Get Plenty of Exercise

Labor and delivery of a baby is one of the most physically intense processes you will ever experience. You will need to be very physically fit and strong enough to push the baby out. Get your body ready by doing some mild cardio while you are pregnant. Ask the doctor about safe and easy exercise you can do during pregnancy to help you get fit.

There are pregnancy yoga postures that are good to help you get in shape, learn breathing techniques, and help you relax. Many are designed to help open your hips and pelvis for an easier delivery. Make sure you consult a yoga specialist that understands yoga in pregnancy.

2. Walking Every Day

Taking a walk every day is great exercise and one of the easiest pregnancy tips for normal delivery. Try to take a one-half hour walk each day to help tone your muscles for childbirth. Walking after your labor has started will help bring your baby down into the birth canal and increase the strength of your contractions.

3. Massage Your Perineum

Perineum is the piece of tissue that separates the vagina and anal canal. Massaging this area on a regular basis around the seventh month of pregnancy can help it stretch to accommodate your baby’s head. Perineal massage can help reduce stress levels in labor and lower muscle tension. Put one finger inside your vagina and gently pull the skin and massage it. You can then place two fingers inside, one from each hand and stretch the skin to the sides.

4. Try Breathing Techniques

Learning deep breathing techniques can help you relax during your pregnancy and deal with the pain of labor and delivery. Have your partner learn with you so they can remind you of the techniques when you are more focused on the pain.

5. Take a Prenatal Class

Education can help you understand the birthing process and ways to be comfortable during the labor process. There are classes that can help you learn proper breathing technique and how to manage your pain. They also teach you how to relax and cope. The classes are usually in the birthing center of your local hospital and are usually in the evenings or on weekends. The classes will also help you understand about what complications can arise and teach you about C-section deliveries.

6. Find a Midwife and/or a Doula

Midwives can help you have the most natural delivery. A doula is like a labor partner that is trained to help you with labor techniques. They work alongside your birthing partner to help bring relief.

7. Eat Healthy

Eating the healthiest foods possible can help your baby’s development and keep your body strong to withstand delivery. You will also be building your baby’s bones, and iron stores so make sure you eat foods rich in iron and calcium. Just make sure you separate iron and calcium by four hours. Make sure your weight gain is on target and you don’t gain too much or too little.

8. Learn to Manage Stress During Labor

Among all the pregnancy tips for normal delivery, you will need coping skills to manage stress during labor. Keep your room quiet and visitors to a minimum. If you become stressed during labor your body will reduce the production of oxytocin which can prolong labor and delivery. Well before your baby is due, choose some relaxation music to play, some good movies, and choose a few select people close to you that will be allowed to visit. Let everyone else know when you will be available for visits after you arrive back home.

Do’s and Don’ts During Natural Labor

Some of the best pregnancy tips for normal delivery are as follows:

  • Educate yourself before labor begins. It won’t come as such a surprise if you truly know what it is going to be like. Learn techniques like Lamaze, water birth, hypnobirthing, or other techniques that focus on natural birth.
  • Prior to labor make sure you drink plenty of water. You need to be drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day to feed your body and your baby the hydration they need.
  • Get your support team ready. If your labor partner gets tired, you will want to have back-up to call in to the room with you so your partner can get some rest.
  • Rest a lot the last month of your pregnancy. Go for your daily walks, but get off your feet at times to save up energy for the big day.
  • Don’t listen to all the scary stories others have about labor. Every labor and delivery is different and even if someone had a horrible experience, yours may be just fine. It is common for moms to share their stories, but don’t let them frighten you. If someone tells you something that scares you, just let them know that you feel uncomfortable listening to the negative side of their experience. Maybe try asking them what they liked about meeting their new baby or politely change the subject.
  • Try a birthing tub to help relaxation. Some midwives use these for labor and they can help reduce the pain and speed up delivery. The baby will not drown when they are born and it is very natural for them.