Pain Management

Pain Management
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Pain After Cortisone Injection: Why and What to Do Aug 24, 2020

Pain after cortisone injection is common, but it usually subsides on its own after a few days. Remedies include rest, ice application, and medication. Learn other side effects. View Full Article.

Headache and Nosebleed Aug 10, 2020

Headache and nosebleed are often suffered together. They can be indications of minor issues like dry air, or they can be a sign of a significant problem like high blood pressure. View Full Article.

10 Possible Causes of Neck Pain on Left Side Jul 31, 2020

Causes of neck pain on left side could be light conditions like poor posture to serious conditions like spinal stenosis. See a doctor for severe pain. View Full Article.

Knee Pain When Sitting Jun 28, 2020

Knee pain when sitting can be caused by many reasons with patellofemoral pain syndrome as the main one. However, you can apply some measures to relieve it. View Full Article.

Headache While Lying Down: Why and How to Help Jun 27, 2020

Are you having headache while lying down? Is it not being relieved by usual medicines? Read on to know the 5 main reasons and how to treat them. View Full Article.

Why Do You Have Painful Legs While Lying Down? Jun 18, 2020

Painful legs when lying down can be caused by distended leg veins, blood clot in legs, narrow arteries, diabetes, etc. Know what you can do for it. View Full Article.

Pain in Right Side Under Ribs Jun 12, 2020

Many factors may cause pain in right side under ribs, including problems with the muscles, ribs, lungs, colon, etc. in the right side of the chest and upper abdomen. View Full Article.

Reflexology for Headache Jun 11, 2020

Using reflexology for headache may help you find relief, so long as you find and stimulate the right points on your hands or feet. Be sure to talk to your doctor before trying! View Full Article.

Left Armpit Pain: Causes and Treatments Jun 10, 2020

Pain under your left armpit can be nothing, but can also indicate something serious like cancer. Be informed about when to see a doctor about underarm pain. View Full Article.

Pain in Right Side of Head Jun 03, 2020

Pain in right side of head can be due to 6 common causes, like migraines, cluster headaches, etc. Specific treatments are listed to help ease the pain. View Full Article.