Other Names for Cocaine

Other Names for Cocaine
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Many readers are interested in the following topic: Other Names for Cocaine. We are happy to note, that our authors have already studied the modern research about the topic you are interested in. Based on the information provided in the latest medical digests, modern research and surveys, we provide extensive answer. Keep reading to find out more.

It is pretty common to find teens communicating in code words when they don’t want their teachers or parents to find out that they use cocaine or other similar derivative. The use of slang terminologies enables them to bond with fellow drug users and helps them keep their drug associated activities hidden from people who may try to stop them.Therefore, you need to be well informed and updated on other names for cocaine so you could easily identify and intervene before it’s too late to stop a teen from abusing cocaine and crank.

Other Names for Cocaine

Other Names for Cocaine

1. Street Names for Cocaine

Cocaine is obtained from the plant called coca. Cocaine abuse can be done in numerous ways such as smoking, injecting or taking it through the nose by snorting. The popular names used for cocaine in the US are:

2. Street Names for Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is available in the solid form. It is prepared by mixing powdered cocaine, water and baking soda; thereby making it extremely concentrated and addicting. Crack is used by placing the hard rock into the crack pipe through which it is smoked. Given below are the street names of crack cocaine:

3. Other Cocaine Related Slang Terms

  • TermsAbout the Combinations of Cocaine and Other Drugs

It’s a very common practice for teen drug abusers to mix other drugs with cocaine. At many social events, using cocaine and drinking happen every now and then. Given below are the popular terms used for describing particular combinations of cocaine and other illegal drugs.



Woolie, woolah, woo-woo

It contains marijuana sprinkled long with cocaine and rolled on the outer side of the blunt or cigar which is then used for smoking.

Candy flipping, whiz bang

It is a combination of cocaine and heroin which is used by injecting.

It comprises of a marijuana joint which is sprinkled with crack.

It is a combination of PCP and crack smoked together.

It’s a combination of LSD and crack.

Cocaine or cracked is rolled in a marijuana cigarette and smoked.

Marijuana bong hits are sprinkled by cocaine and then used.

As already discussed earlier, teens use other names for cocaine and crack purchasing and using. These slang terms are known to everyone in this drug business from the dealer to the user. Given below are following such codes.



Rock house, base house

The place where teens get high on cocaine and crack

Stem, glass house, base pipe

It’s the glass pipe employed for smoking.

A term used for cocaine and crack smoking

The 8 th ounce of cocaine used

Boulder, twenty, bag of rocks, biscuits, 50, 150

The crack rock of varying quantities

Drug dealer selling fake cocaine or crack

Inhaling of crack

Little quantity of cocaine

Line of cocaine

To get high on cocaine

To get high on cocaine first thing after waking up

Hookup, dealer, connection, pumper, pusher

Person selling cocaine or crack

A cocaine user who’s only determined about getting high on it instead of doing other things

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Following are the warning signs associated with cocaine abuse:

  • Mood swings (rapid mood changes varying from elation to depression or suicidal thoughts)
  • Altered behavior and functioning
  • Excessive anger especially when the abuser is confronted regarding their drug use habits or related behavior
  • Altered personality
  • Compromised physical appearance as a result of unattended personal hygiene
  • The people addicted to cocaine may exhibit a strong change in their friends circle.They may begin stealing and manipulating others. Functional warning signs include social withdrawal, lack of motivation and failure to meet the work, school or home associated obligations.

How to Treat Cocaine Addiction

Knowing other names for cocaine is not enough, if there’s addiction, it must be treated. For the treatment of cocaine addiction, drug abusercan stay at home most of the time and attend a routine based program conducted by the local alcohol and drug service. If the condition of the drug abuser is out of control, residential rehab program is recommended.

In order to yield better results, a combination of social support and specialist drugs counseling can be used. A skilled counselor will talk with the drug dependent people to help them cope with psychological issues associated with the cocaine addiction. On the other hand, social support involves seeking suitable accommodation, going back to education or work, forming a new social circle with people who do not use drugs.

The recovery time of each drug dependent individual depends on his/her condition. At times mutual support groups may also play a great role such as Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous. An alternate science-based group that also offers a recovery program to get rid of the addiction is SMART recovery. Cocaine abusers are likely to have cannabis and alcohol related issues. In such case special help is required.