Oral Health

Oral Health
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What Causes Bumps on the Roof of Your Mouth? Aug 20, 2020

There’re many causes for the bumps on the roof of your mouth, from harmless conditions like smoking to dangerous diseases like oral cancer. Check it early! View Full Article.

Rapid Palatal Expander Aug 15, 2020

What is a rapid palatal expander? How can it help? Here we will reveal these answers along with FAQs about the RPF. View Full Article.

Retainer After Braces Aug 14, 2020

Most people need to wear a retainer after braces are removed. One of the most important functions of retainer is to hold the teeth position and prevent teeth shifting. View Full Article.

Best Painkillers That Help Toothache Aug 13, 2020

Searching for painkillers that work best for toothache? Here you will definitely find one. Besides, there’re 5 natural ways to help relieve the pain. View Full Article.

When Can I Eat After a Filling? Aug 09, 2020

When can I eat after a filling? It depends on which kind of filling you have. When eating, take note not to break your filling with sticky, hard food and other bad habits. View Full Article.

What to Do When the Crown Fell Out of Mouth Aug 07, 2020

Your crown fell out of mouth? Don’t panic. You should save the crown, examine crown and tooth, and call the dentist for help. Here are steps for fixing the crown temporarily. View Full Article.

How to Take Care of Braces Aug 05, 2020

Learning how to take care of braces makes them more effective and helps align your teeth in a better way. Be sure to talk to your orthodontist if bands or spacers become loose. View Full Article.

Wake Up with Swollen Lip Jul 21, 2020

The reasons why you wake up with swollen lips include allergy, injury, pimples, alcohol, sunburn, etc. Use the medical treatments and natural remedies to reduce lip swelling. View Full Article.

Top 10 Most Helpful Treatments for Dry Mouth Jul 21, 2020

The best treatments for dry mouth depend on the underlying cause, but home remedies like quitting smoking can always help improve your condition. View Full Article.

What Can’t You Eat with Braces Jul 19, 2020

Braces beautify you, but also starve you! 2 essential questions: what you can’t eat with braces? How to get a balanced diet? Read on to know the best answers! View Full Article.