Nursing and Care

Nursing and Care
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Looking for how to give IM injection to do self-administration or do for others? A step by step guide, correct ways to select injection site and needle length are all available here. View Full Article.

Labored Breathing in Dogs Jun 05, 2020

Troubled or labored breathing in dogs is medically referred to as dyspnea. Read to learn causes, diagnosis, and treatment of dog breathing difficulties and what you can do about it. View Full Article.

Nursing Diagnosis for Renal Failure Jun 03, 2020

Nursing diagnosis for renal failure differs depending on whether the situation is acute or chronic. Knowing these can help you to know what the nursing care plan would be. View Full Article.

Health Care Assistant Job Description and Opportunities May 09, 2020

Health care assistants perform a vital, and demanding role within the health care sector. Here are the duties they should perform, and how to become a healthcare assistant. View Full Article.

Dog Coughs Blood, Why and What to Do? Apr 27, 2020

If your dog is coughing blood, it could be triggered by many reasons. Some are common and not serious, while others may lead to life-threatening consequences. View Full Article.

Nursing Care Plan: Risk for Falls Apr 24, 2020

Developing a risk for falls care plan via assessment, review, monitoring, collaboration and implementation is the best way to reduce risk of severe injuries in older adults. View Full Article.

Can You Take Sudafed While Nursing? Apr 15, 2020

Can you take Sudafed while nursing? Yes, it is generally safe. Follow the tips to minimize the possible side effects. You can opt for natural remedies such as steam and hot tea. View Full Article.

Spinal Stenosis Surgery Recovery Feb 27, 2020

To speed up spinal stenosis surgery recovery, creating a comfortable environment and following 6 other tips are important. Call your doctor immediately if you have a fever or feel bad! View Full Article.

Can Antidepressants and Breastfeeding Go Together? Jan 12, 2020

Can antidepressants and breastfeeding go together? Some antidepressants are considered safe, but be sure to consult a doctor beforehand. Learn more ways to manage depression. View Full Article.