Medical Profession

Medical Profession
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10 Rights of Medication Administration Jul 14, 2020

The 10 rights of medication administration are very important for medication safety. Learn each right in detail and learn medication safety guidelines. View Full Article.

Careers Working with Children Jul 03, 2020

There are various careers working with children in medicine to choose if children bring you joy and passion. Qualities like patience and enthusiasm will be needed. View Full Article.

How Much Do Phlebotomists Make? Jun 26, 2020

A phlebotomist is responsible for collecting blood for use in diagnostics, surgery, and many other procedures. But how much do phlebotomists make? Read on to find out. View Full Article.

Meanings of Medical Abbreviations of AMS and Other Terms Jun 15, 2020

The medical abbreviations of AMS stand for a few different medical terms. Know the definitions of “AMS” as well as other abbreviations commonly seen. View Full Article.

10 Medical Schools That Are Easy to Get Into Jun 07, 2020

Searching for medical schools that are easy to get into? Thinking you won’t make it? Here we list top 10 easiest options to get into with specific data. View Full Article.

Why Do You Want to Be a Doctor? Jun 05, 2020

Why do you want to be a doctor? You can’t avoid it in the way of becoming a doctor. Here’re 8 great answers and 3 useful tips to help you find the perfect answer! View Full Article.

What Does a Urologist Do? Apr 15, 2020

What does a urologist do? They typically work with issues of the urinary tract, as well as the male reproductive organs. Learn more about what kind of diseases they can treat. View Full Article.

6 Benefits of Being a Pediatrician Apr 03, 2020

The benefits of being a pediatrician include a good compensation, more employment opportunities, job satisfaction, etc. Read to know how to become a pediatrician. View Full Article.

How Much Does an Ultrasound Tech Make? Feb 28, 2020

Wondering how much does an ultrasound tech make? Diagnostic sonographers earn a median income of $67,530 annually or $32.47 hourly according to May 2014 statistics. View Full Article.