Masturbation Instruction for a Boy

Masturbation Instruction for a Boy
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Many experts believe masturbation is necessary to maintain your sexual health. More than 95% of men do it and think they know everything about their genitals and sexual response. The truth is that most of the time, you only know how your tool works, but you don’t know how you can make your tool work even better to make things more pleasurable. If you’ve just started masturbating or you’re currently wondering how to masturbate if you’re a boy, just keep reading to learn everything about the art of pleasuring yourself.

Masturbation Instruction for a Boy

Basic Steps to Masturbate for a Boy

You’ve heard it from friends. You’ve seen it in those special movies. Now, you want to try it yourself. That’s great. Here’s what you need to know about how to masturbate if you’re a boy and doing it for the first time.

  1. Make yourself understand that masturbation is completely natural. This will help you feel relaxed and enjoy more.
  2. Select a quiet place when masturbating for the first time. Your bathroom is probably the best place for the act. Make sure no one disturbs you while you’re in the middle of self-exploration.
  3. Choose something that makes you feel aroused. It could be some pornographic material or you could use your own imagination to feel aroused. Some people say masturbation is the art of having sex with someone you love, so think of that special someone and you’re all set to go.
  4. Once your penis wakes up and becomes erect, you can begin to masturbate using your hand. Simply grab your penis firmly but not too tightly and start moving your hand up and down.
  5. You can experiment with your grip and speed of hand while masturbating. Focus more on what arouses you to feel excited and finish strongly.
  6. Just before ejaculation, you will notice something rising up inside your penis. Don’t worry; it’s completely normal. If you don’t release any liquid, don’t worry. You are just not old enough to release semen, so keep enjoying.

Note: Don’t do the act too much times after you have learnt it for the first time. Too much masturbation when young will affect you a lot.

Advanced Techniques to Make Masturbation More Enjoyable

Since you have known how to masturbate if you’re a boy, you can always experiment with different techniques to make you feel great. Here, 10 advanced techniques are listed for anyone who wants to make the masturbation more pleasurable and get stronger feelings.

1. Use the Other Hand

A simple way to spice things up a bit is to use your other hand. You can use your both hands at the same time if, of course, you’re long enough to place your one hand next to the other on your shaft. Use your one hand to play with the head of the penis while moving your other hand up and down. Try different combinations with your two hands for maximum pleasure.

2. Stimulate Your Balls

Don’t forget to play with your balls when masturbating. Playing with your balls may heighten your orgasms. Of course, this may not work for everyone, but you should try it for once at least to see how it feels. Simply pull your balls down a lightly, caress them, tickle them, stroke them, or just hold them lightly with your one hand while masturbating with your other hand.

3. Find Your Erogenous Zones

You can double the pleasure by stimulating your erogenous zones, which include balls, nipples, perineum and inside of your thighs. Your sensitive areas may not be same as someone of your age, so keep experimenting to find what works best for you. Some men feel it great when they touch their nipples while masturbating. Caressing their inner thighs or stomach also helps them have a stronger orgasm. You can also consider stimulating your perineum, which is the area between your balls and anus. This may give you immense pleasure and make your masturbation session even exciting.

4. Find Your G-Spot

Some people say there is no such thing as the male G-spot. Don’t believe them. You can always find parts in your body, like inside the anus, which can respond extremely well to stimulation. Some don’t like playing with anus when masturbating, while others may not mind going down this lane. If you’re ready to try it, wash your hand first and ensure that your fingernail is short. Lubricate your finger and rub the outside of your anus lightly. Insert your finger and push it as far as you can accept comfortably. You will find a small area that feels like a little ball. That’s your G-spot. It’s actually the opening of your prostate, but stimulating it will create the same effect that G-spot stimulation creates in women.

5. Try Different Positions

Experiment with your positions if you want to learn how to masturbate if you’re a boy. Don’t just sit in your chair or lie in your bed while masturbating. A simple change in your position like holding your penis under your body and thrusting it into your hand will make it a lot more exciting. Try kneeling and thrusting into your hand – instead of moving your hand, move your body to feel as if you’re having real sex with someone you love.

6. Use Sex Toys

You can find loads of sex toys out there in the market. Get a few for you to make your masturbation sessions even more satisfying and exciting. You can consider buying stuff like vibrating rings, blow-up dolls and toys that look like vagina, anus or mouth.

7. Hot and Cold

Learn to play with ice. Masturbate in whatever way you like and just when you feel you’re about to ejaculate, grab some ice in your hand and place it on your penis The sensation of having cold in your one hand and your hot penis in your other hand will make you feel great and even help you last longer.

8. Stop and Go

Use your preferred way of masturbating and stop when you feel you’re about to ejaculate. Then, once the urge to ejaculate passes, start again. Stop at least thrice before letting yourself climax. This will help you have a much stronger orgasm.

9. Keep Up

Just turn on your favorite pornographic movie and imagine you’re the one having sex with the girl in the movie. This will enhance the fun and you may end up having a quick yet highly satisfying orgasm.

10. Pillow

Lay on your back with your erect penis flat on your abdomen. Now, take a pillow and place it over your penis. Rub it up and down, or simply use your hips to thrust your penis into the pillow. Imagine a woman on top of you and it will become even more enjoyable.

These are some great ways to learn how to masturbate if you’re a boy, but remember that not everything will work for everyone. So, keep experimenting until you find something that makes your masturbation sessions even more enjoyable.