How to Reduce Buttocks and Thighs

How to Reduce Buttocks and Thighs
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Many readers are interested in the following topic: How to Reduce Buttocks and Thighs. We are happy to note, that our authors have already studied the modern research about the topic you are interested in. Based on the information provided in the latest medical digests, modern research and surveys, we provide extensive answer. Keep reading to find out more.

People who want to have a good looking body do not only want to lose weight, but to achieve a great shape as well. Some folks want to have a smaller belly, while others want to trim their butts and thighs. If you want to learn how to reduce buttocks and thighs, practice exercises that focus on these problem areas and other tips to help get a better body shape.

8 Moves to Reduce Your Buttocks and Thighs Size

1. Warrior III

How to Reduce Buttocks and Thighs

  • While standing with feet together, lift your left leg to the back and put your body weight on your right leg.
  • Continuing to lift the leg, drop your torso and head so that your body forms a horizontal line from the head to left toe, with arms stretched forward.
  • Make sure your left thigh, hip, and foot are aligned while keeping your back straight and head facing down. Make sure that your right knee does not lock by centering your weight on the middle of your foot.
  • Hold this position while making 5 breaths then slowly go back to standing position. Repeat with your right leg.

2. Chair Squat

Here’s how to reduce buttocks and thighs:

  • Stand with your back facing a chair. Keep your feet apart, hip-wide. Keep your weight balanced on your heels.
  • Tighten your abs and lean forward at the hips, while slowly letting down your buttock toward the chair. Do not sit – just pause right before your butt hits the chair.
  • Return to standing position, keeping your core engaged. Repeat 10-15 times per set. Do 3 sets.

3. Low Lunge Hover

  • Stand with your feet apart. Step with your right foot back and lower into a lunge stance with your left knee over your left ankle.
  • Raise your arms overhead and hinge your body forward from your waist. Lower your chest forward as your arms reach ahead.
  • Now lift your right leg while straightening your left leg.
  • Hold the position while breathing 3 times before going back to lunge position. Do this 3 times then switch legs and repeat.

4. Lateral Lunge Side Kick

  • Start by standing with feet together. Keep your arms at the sides while holding 5-10 lb dumbbells on each hand.
  • With your right foot, step out to the side and bend the left knee 90-degrees to make a side lunge.
  • Push weight into your left foot then stand with your knees slightly bent. Now kick strongly with the left foot out to the side, making sure your foot stays flexed. Go back to starting position.
  • Do 12-15 reps per set for 3 sets. Repeat on the opposite side.

5. Downward Dog Split

How to reduce buttocks and thighs with downward dog split:

  • Go down on all fours on the floor.
  • Take a deep breath, and release, pushing into a downward dog position by straightening your legs and lifting your butt and hips into the air.
  • Now push hands and feet on the floor and relax your head between the arms. Exhale, then lift right leg as high as you can, while trying to keep it straight with your footflexed.
  • Lower your leg, and repeat on the other leg.

6. Side-Stepping Curtsey

  • Stand with feet wide apart. Clasp your hands behind your head.
  • Now cross right leg behind the left and lower body into a curtsy with your right hand reaching to the floor.
  • Stand back up quickly then go back to starting position. Do this 20 times, alternating sides every time.

7. Shifting Side Lunge

How to Reduce Buttocks and Thighs

  • Begin by standing with feet together, your arms holding dumbbells by the sides.
  • Now take a wide step to your right and make a side lunge, while reaching with the dumbbell on either side of the leg.
  • Bend left knee, shifting weight into both legs. Do a wide squat position, and reach with the dumbbells to the floor.
  • Next, extend your right leg then shift weight to the left, while moving into a side lunge with the left leg. Push off left foot and bring legs together.
  • Return to start. Do this 20 times while alternating sides.

8. External Hip Raise

  • Using a resistance band, make a loop around your ankles while lying on your right side, your upper body supported by your right forearm and hand.
  • Extend legs out, with feet flexed. Tighten your abs and lift the top leg up to hip height, while rotating the leg so that your toes turn down to the floor, keeping the band tense.
  • Lift leg slightly higher against band, this time with your heel rotated towards the ceiling. Go back to hip height. Repeat quickly 20 times then switch sides.

Other Ways to Reduce Buttocks and Thighs

1. Cut the Calories

To lose 1 pound you have to burn 3,500 calories. If you want to lose 10 lbs, you have to cut at least 500 calories a day to lose 1 lb a week, and lose the 10 lbs in 10 weeks.

Remember to exercise, which helps burn calories. But exercise alone may not be enough, you have to watch your eating habits to help you lose weight and trim fat, especially in your buttocks and thighs, where a lot of fat cells are found.

2. Watch Your Diet

How to reduce buttocks and thighs? Studies show that reducing carbohydrate intake is an effective way to lose weight in the thighs and butt. However, you should not reduce your carbohydrate intake drastically, so your body does not starve and break down muscle instead.

Eating a low fat, high protein diet also increases weight loss. Avoid eating fried foods and choose lean meats. Avoid eating junk foods, which are high in fat and cholesterol.

3. Drink Water

Drinking lots of water not only helps hydrate the body, especially after long workouts, but it also helps burn fat because it boosts metabolism. Aside from these, other benefits include increasing alertness levels, improving skin tone, and reducing calorie intake.