How to Kiss a Guy Well

How to Kiss a Guy Well
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If you have found someone special that you would like to have a relationship and you think that he likes you as well, you might find yourself ruminating over how to start this relationship off to a good start. Besides hanging out with him more often and letting him know you are interested in him, you may need to learn how to kiss a guy well. A good kiss can make a new beginning of a relationship, so you will want to do something that really leaves a good impression so that he will continue on with the relationship.

How to Kiss a Guy Well and Turn Him On

There are different kinds of kisses you can give your new man. Some of them will be brief and spontaneous, leaving both of you surprised. Others are known as kisses of greeting and are not very passionate kisses. If you want to learn how to kiss a guy for the first time and start a session of making out that could turn into something more serious, there are tips you should know about so that you are prepared to kiss well and turn the guy on.

To begin with, you will want to smell really good, particularly around the mouth. The sensation of smelling is extremely sensual and you want to make sure that your scent will be remarkable and will make him want to kiss you longer and more often. This means brushing your teeth, gums, and tongue, and you will want to use a good mouthwash, suck on peppermints, or chew gum that has a fresh flavor. Perfume is another good way to smell good for your man.

The condition of your makeup and lips are also extremely important in the kissing process. If you want to learn how to kiss a guy well, you should have very soft and supple lips that will make him want to kiss you. Avoid having lips that are rough or too slimy. You may need to use exfoliation in order to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of your lips. Your makeup is important too. It should be extremely tasteful and look very natural. Don’t put on too much garish makeup. Most men do not like the feel of makeup when they are kissing, since too much lipstick can cause smearing of your face and the face of the man you are kissing. Instead, just use lip balm in order to soften your lips without having them seem too prominent.

How to Kiss a Guy Well

If you have your smell, makeup and lips just right, let’s look into how to kiss a guy well with a step-by-step guide here to give kisses that the guy will remember.

1. Get Really Close to Him

This is perhaps the easiest part. Get your entire body close to the guy, so he doesn’t have to reach out to kiss you. The closer you become to him, the more enjoyable with the kiss be and this will increase the chances that he will be aroused and will want to kiss you.

2. Allow Him to Lead the Way

It is okay to kiss him, but make sure that he takes the lead. If you are kissing a guy who is experienced in kissing, just let your lips touch gently to his and then wait for him to put his lips on yours with a greater degree of pressure. Never pucker up or purse your lips as this will make your lips too stiff. Slightly part your lips so they seem more accessible to him.

3. Make the First Kiss a Short One

The first kiss doesn’t have to be long or very passionate unless the two of you are very turned on. If you find yourself in a particularly romantic moment, take the kiss slowly. For the most memorable kiss, you should gently graze your lips against his for about two second. Make sure you separate your lips after the first one and follow the first kiss with several small but sensuous kisses.

4. Know Your Unique Kissing Style

Try not to make the kiss very forced and you need to learn how to kiss a guy well. If you are worried the kiss will be short, don’t push yourself on him. Kiss each other a few times to get the style of kissing that works best for you or make a kissing style that is uniquely your own.

5. Separate Your Lips

After grazing your lips on his, let your lips linger on his lips a few seconds more at a time. Separate your lips after the first few kisses, so he gets the idea that using the tongue is acceptable.

6. Put Your Hands on His Shoulder

You can also place your hands underneath his arm. This means you intend to be intimate and will allow you to be closer to him. It also lets him know that he can now touch you in the same way. Let him touch your face as you kiss.

7. Use Soft Body Contact

The body contact you have between you two can mean you intent to be as sexy and as intimate as possible with him. You will be able to engage him without seeming too anxious to have sex. Place your hand on his back and allow him to come to you. Let your chests gently touch one another as you are kissing.

8. Allow Your Face to Move

While kissing him, turn to the side and lift your chin, so he can have access to your neck and chin and can kiss them too. This is an extremely intimate move and will enhance the effect of the kiss. He will be turned on and things may progress quickly.

9. Take Some Time Kissing Him

The first kiss is actually a series of smaller kisses that allow you both to sense how you like to be kissed and will be more intimate. Take several minutes for this first kiss so that you can be increasingly connected to one another and be in tune to each other. If the kiss is not good, you may feel like you have no chemistry.

10. Make Use of Your Hands

You don’t have to just kiss with your mouth. If you want to know how to kiss a guy well, making use of your hands is important. Move your hands around his body, along his back, shoulders, and arms. This will encourage him to do the same thing to you, too.

After the first few kisses, don’t forget to hug him. Give him a nice smile and kiss him one more time. It is a good way to leave an impression on him and to tell him the date was successful.

You can also watch the video below to lean more tips.