How to Enlarge Penis

How to Enlarge Penis
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Many readers are interested in the following topic: How to Enlarge Penis. We are happy to note, that our authors have already studied the modern research about the topic you are interested in. Based on the information provided in the latest medical digests, modern research and surveys, we provide extensive answer. Keep reading to find out more.

Are you hoping to learn how to enlarge your penis? This has been the goal of men for centuries. Many men worry that their penis is not big enough for their partner, or that they don’t measure up to other men in that area. They assume that a large penis equals more pleasure, or more women in their life, or even a better sexual reputation. If you are one of those men looking for a way to make yourself larger, read on!

How to Enlarge Penis

There are a few ways that you can try to enlarge your penis. Keep in mind that these might work well for some men, but not work at all for others, so you must experiment to find which one works for you.

1. Use Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump has been used for decades by men who want to have a larger penis size. It is important to use a pump like this only as directed, and never use it for a long period of time. Any pain that results from using the pump means that it’s time to discontinue use and try something else.

2. Do Exercises

Just as with a vacuum pump, there are ways to push blood to the penis with your hand to make your penis larger. Do this by placing a towel in warm water, then making sure your penis is semi-erect. Sit down and cover your penis with the towel. Warm up your penis, then lubricate it well, and start sliding your hand from the base to the head. Squeeze gently, as though you were stretching your penis in every direction. Do this as long as you are comfortable. Keep in mind that this is a temporary fix.

3. Try Herbs

Sometimes, herbs are used to increase blood flow in the body, which can lead to a larger penis. Common herbs used include:

  • ŸKoreanredginseng. Those who took extract tablets of this herb were reported as having a larger penis in the end in a scientific study. 500 mg per day was the typical dosage. However, if you have insomnia, heart disease, certain cancers or other disorders, you can’t take this without a physician’s okay.
  • ŸMaca. This aphrodisiac has been used for thousands of years. It contains chemicals that are known to enhance your energy level and boost your libido, not to mention creating larger erections. As with any other drug, use it only under the doctor’s supervision.
  • ŸGinkgo biloba. This helps increase blood circulation, and anything that has the similar effect might increase the size of the penis when you have an erection. It is sometimes prescribed for men who are on anti-depressants to help them get and maintain an erection.

4. Use Weight

How to enlarge penis? Just try weight. This method of penis enlargement is designed to stretch the penis over time. This is a common method among tribal people. However, this also leads to a thinner penis, and sometimes the penis is even stretched enough to prevent a man from getting an erection.

5. Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries are offered for those who are facing medical problems that lead to a smaller than usual penis, such as those who have faced serious trauma, those who have some defect of the penis or those who have been affected by conditions that lead to a micro-penis. Common used surgeries include:

  • ŸLengthening surgery, done by detaching the ligament that runs from the pubic bone to the penis. However, this does not make any difference in size when the penis is erect.
  • ŸWidening surgery, a complicated process that requires implants or the transfer of fats and tissues to the penis. Some experimental surgeries involve using a tube-like frame that wraps around the inside of the penis to keep it erect.

6. Lose Weight

Losing weight doesn’t actually affect the size of your penis, but it does make your body more proportionate, which makes it look much bigger. Losing weight allows you to see more of the shaft of your penis. When it comes to how to enlarge penis size, this is by far the easiest way.

Pills, Supplements, Ointments and Creams Won’t Help!

Please remember that the commercials that tout supplements, pills, ointments, creams, and other types of “voodoo magic” are not going to work. And in fact, some of those methods might be harmful. It is better to try manual methods, as well as herbs, to achieve what you hope to see.

Important Note Before Considering Any Methods

Worries about being too small to satisfy a sexual partner are quite common; in fact, most men worry about this. That leads them to question how to enlarge penis size. However, most men are able to easily satisfy their sexual partners, so this fear is entirely unnecessary. Part of this fear is drawn from men who watch porn and see an enhanced penis size, then begin to feel inadequate about their own.

But, in fact, most men measure between three and five inches when they are flaccid, and between five and seven inches when they are erect. A small penis is one that is three inches or less when erect – this is a medical condition known as “micro penis.”

Finally, remember that there is much more to a sexual relationship than penis size. Focus on pleasing your partner in all ways, not just with penetration, and you might be surprised at just how satisfied both of you are.