How Much Sleep does a 12 Year Old Need?

How Much Sleep does a 12 Year Old Need?
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Many readers are interested in the following topic: How Much Sleep does a 12 Year Old Need?. We are happy to note, that our authors have already studied the modern research about the topic you are interested in. Based on the information provided in the latest medical digests, modern research and surveys, we provide extensive answer. Keep reading to find out more.

Not getting enough sleep can make you become ill. Sleep promotes memory, alertness, and performance. Just like adults, children also need to get enough sleep to function better and have fewer behavioral problems. It is therefore important for parents to know how much sleep their child needs to stay healthy. By getting information about how much sleep is essential for your child, you can actually help them develop good sleep habits early in their lives.

How Much Sleep Does a 12-Year Old Need?

Studies show that teenagers should get at least 9 ΒΌ hours of sleep each night to stay healthy. Adults can function well even when they get at least 8 hours of sleep, which means a child’s sleep requirements are different and they need to sleep more to be more alert during the day. Just keep in mind that the number of hours is an important figure, but the quality matters more for children.

While children need to sleep more, you should be ready to notice some changes in their sleep pattern. Their circadian rhythm may change during puberty when their bodies secrete melatonin later at night as compared to earlier childhood. It means your child may want to go to bed late at night and want to spend more time in their bed in the morning. Knowledge about these changes can really help answer, “How much sleep does a 12-year old need?”

Sleep That a Child Needs by Age

Age plays a big role in determining how much sleep a person needs. There are no set guidelines, but it is possible to determine the approximate hours of sleep your child should get at a particular age. The following table provides you with more details in this regard.


Daytime Sleep

Nighttime Sleep