How Much Melatonin to Take

How Much Melatonin to Take
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Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain. It tells the body when it is time to rest and sleep. Some people with sleep abnormalities need to take melatonin to overcome the problem naturally. It is important to know how much melatonin to take, so you can get a restful night’s sleep without taking too much of the supplement.

How Much Melatonin to Take for Sleep Problems

How Much Melatonin to Take

If you are having difficulty sleeping, it could be that the pineal gland is not putting out enough melatonin or that the pineal gland is putting out melatonin at the wrong time. This is especially true of shift workers, who must sleep during the day and remain awake at night. The pineal gland is light sensitive so that when you reverse the pattern of sleep and wakefulness times, you can confuse the pineal gland so that it no longer helps you get the sleep you need when you need it. Basically, you can mess up your circadian rhythm, necessitating the taking of melatonin supplements in order to sleep when you want to.

So how much melatonin to take? To answer this question,you must know, as a dietary supplement, melatonin is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration and companies that make melatonin can use their own discretion as to how much melatonin to put in each capsule or tablet of the substance.

Thus, the actual “correct” dosage of melatonin has not been established, which gives factories free range when it comes to the amount of melatonin to put in each tablet or capsule. It is easy to take too much of the natural supplement. There is also no standard as to actually when you should take the melatonin supplement. This means that, in treating your sleep disorder, you can completely change around your circadian rhythm with high levels of melatonin during the day and lower levels during the nighttime, when the levels should be at their highest.

Fortunately, melatonin is truly a natural product and no one so far has suffered any terrible effects from taking too much of the supplement. If you are really concerned about the dosage of melatonin, bring the bottle of melatonin to your doctor and discuss the amount you should take and the timing of taking it.

The actual amounts of melatonin to take have been suggested for various sleep-related conditions by Mayoclinic. Refer to this chart when thinking about how much melatonin to take:

Sleep Problems in People with (Adult)

Dosage of Melatonin