Home Remedies and Tips for Sweaty Hands and Feet

Home Remedies and Tips for Sweaty Hands and Feet
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Sweating is one of the natural ways of the body to cool down. You would realize that whenever you engage in activities that involve the physical body, your sweat glands are also working. This is totally normal and you do not have to worry because as your body sweats, the heat is being released. This helps normalize the body temperature.

There are some instances when sweating is no longer normal. This happens when you continuously sweat in the palm and the feet even with the absence of physical activities. There are different reasons for this. For some, they suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition where a person excessively sweats usually on the palms or the feet. There are also times when the cause of sweating is stress. If you are experiencing this problem, here are some sweaty hands and feet home remedies that are available at home.

Home Remedies for Sweaty Hands and Feet

1. Cold water

Home Remedies and Tips for Sweaty Hands and Feet

Water is natural and it has a lot of uses. The body needs a required amount of water to remain hydrated the whole day. But there are other ways on how it can help you maintain a healthier body. It can be effective in treating the problem of having sweaty hands. All you need to do is to get enough amount of cold water and soak your hands or your feet for a maximum of twenty minutes. Aside from that, you also need to make sure that you are drinking cool water regularly.

2. Lime juice

Home Remedies and Tips for Sweaty Hands and Feet

One of the best remedies that you can find in your kitchen is lemon. You can add lemon juice to salt or vodka and apply it to the affected part like the palm. Salt can be a great partner for lemon juice because it can help suppress the production of sweat. Lemon does not only help stop sweating. It is also a natural deodorant; you do not have to worry about how your hand or your feet smells. After few minutes of applying the solution, do not forget to wash your hands or feet.

3. A small amount of coconut oil

Home Remedies and Tips for Sweaty Hands and Feet

Coconut is considered to be very useful at home. It can also be used to stop your palms from excessively sweating. After taking a bath, you can apply it to your fingers or to your palms. This way, you will be able to get that smooth and sweat free hands the whole day. It also serves as a natural antibacterial and can naturally be used to treat other skin touch problems. And it is also very affordable.

4. A cup of water with activated charcoal

Home Remedies and Tips for Sweaty Hands and Feet

There are other sweaty hands and feet home remedies that you can consider other than the usual fruits and items that you see in the kitchen. Activated charcoal is used to clear out impurities in the body. It can be added to enough amount of water and it can work to help you cut the excessive sweating you are experiencing. You can add a teaspoon of this activated charcoal to eight ounces of water and consume it during breakfast or dinner. To avoid side effects such as vomiting, it is recommended for you to have it after eating.

5. Green tea and ice

Home Remedies and Tips for Sweaty Hands and Feet

Having a maximum of four cups of green tea everyday can help detoxify the body. This is a great way to flush impurities and to help you get rid of excessive sweating. For the others who do not want to rely on the effect of what they are drinking, they can consider other options. You can combine green tea and ice and apply it to your palms or your fingers. This can help stop the production of sweat.

Added Tips to Avoid Excessive Sweating

You do not really have to spend so much to get rid of sweat problems. Aside from the sweaty hands and feet home remedies enumerated above, you can also think about the regular activities and other actions to relieve the problem.

  • Choose your clothes carefully. When deciding about the clothes you are going to wear on a busy day, you have to choose a loose cottony dress. This way, you will not be sweating excessively and you can be more carefree with your movements. You should avoid wearing clothes that are made of synthetic materials because this can make you all sweaty the whole day.
  • Practice proper hygiene. Covering your hands with gloves can add to the accumulation of sweat in the palm. It can also be a cause of irritation. With this, do not wear gloves for a long period. Washing your hands is also very helpful if you do not want bacteria to build from the different stuff that you are holding. If you regularly go to the gym, you should also consider changing your socks habitually.
  • Be selective with your food. Carefully choose the food that you are adding to your diet. There are foods that can increase sweat production like spicy, sugary food and even drinks that contain caffeine. You should also lessen your consumption of onions and garlic.
  • Stay healthy. Daily exercise and having a healthy and green diet can help you make yourself free from toxins. Sweating during exercises is perfect. It helps you cut unnecessary fats from the body and make way for building muscles.

If you are going to take care of your body as whole and you are going to nourish it as if it is the most precious belonging you have, you will see that even sweating problems will be solved. Consider the tips and sweaty hands and feet home remedies presented and you will certainly resolve the issue about your sweating problem.