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Signs, Treatments and Survival Rates of Colon Cancer Jul 07, 2020

Watch out for colon cancer signs like weight loss, vomiting, etc. and get early diagnosis to improve your prognosis. It is very treatable in early stages. View Full Article.

Difference Between Tumor and Cancer Jul 02, 2020

The difference between tumor and cancer can be seen from their pathogenesis, causes, symptoms and treatments. You should see your doctor instead of diagnosing by yourself. View Full Article.

What Does Throat Cancer Look Like? Jul 01, 2020

What does throat cancer look like? It depends on the size and location of your tumor, but certain signs and symptoms may stay the same. Talk to your doctor if you notice the symptoms of throat cancer. View Full Article.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Apr 02, 2020

Side effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer include hair loss, infertility, etc. Long term or short term, there’re ways to help. Just be sure to see a doctor when it’s serious. View Full Article.

Can You Die from Cervical Cancer? Feb 04, 2020

Can you die from cervical cancer? Yes, but if it is diagnosed at an early stage, the survival rate is very high. Receiving treatment and supportive care can help a lot! View Full Article.

Top 10 Best Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer Jan 29, 2020

Preventing colon cancer is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Manage your weight, check your diet, and improve your activity level to stay protected. View Full Article.

9 Smoothie Recipes You Can Enjoy While Fighting Cancer Jan 27, 2020

When fighting cancer, smoothie can give you a delicious way to get your nutrients even if you have lost your appetite. Check out these recipes for inspiration. View Full Article.

Foods You Should Eat While Having Radiotherapy Jan 19, 2020

Nutrition is important while having radiotherapy. Foods you should eat are vegetables and fruits, lean meats, whole grain and lots of fluids in small meals. View Full Article.

Bone Metastases Life Expectancy Jan 05, 2020

In patients with bone metastases, life expectancy is short, usually 2-3 years. Treatments in this stage include medications, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, etc. View Full Article.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer and When to See a Doctor Sep 29, 2019

Lung cancer signs can mimic other health conditions. If you know what to watch for, you may be able to catch it early, and increase your chances of survival. View Full Article.