12 Beat Remedies for Tonsil Stone Removal

12 Beat Remedies for Tonsil Stone Removal
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Do feel severe pain while swallowing or experience frequent bad breath? Or do you occasionally have a metallic taste or sore throat? These may all be signs of tonsil stones. Your tonsils have nooks and crannies where mucus, dead cells, and bacteria can clog. These trapped materials create debris which will accumulate in the pockets as white formations, becoming tonsil stones. Tonsil stones are more common among those who have previously had tonsil stones or suffer from chronic tonsil inflammation. Luckily, there are several methods to remove tonsil stones.

Natural Remedies to Remove Tonsil Stones

The following natural remedies can be some effective methods of how to remove tonsil stones.

1. Gargle Salty Water

This is among the best methods for getting rid of tonsil stones. Gargling with salt water or any other non-alcoholic mouthwash can get rid of the bad smell due to tonsil stones and prevent them from accumulating. It can also ease a sore throat and flush out the smaller debris within the tonsils, including food particles and mucus.

2. Drink Lots of Water

By drinking enough water, your body remains hydrated, which makes it harder for bacteria to survive. Drinking water regularly will also help clean up the debris in your tonsils, preventing it from accumulating and forming tonsil stones.

3. Use a Cotton Swab

It is also possible to use cotton swabs as a method of how to remove tonsil stones. Wet the ends of the cotton swab so it is gentler, grab a flashlight, and go in front of a mirror. Use the swabs to gently loosen up the stones and pull them away from the walls of your tonsil. Afterwards, gargle with mouthwash or saltwater to get rid of leftover debris and particles.

4. Use a Toothbrush

12 Beat Remedies for Tonsil Stone Removal

A regular or electric toothbrush can be used in a similar way to a cotton swab. Gently apply pressure to the tonsil stones until they get loose. With an electric toothbrush, you can turn it on before applying pressure. Use the back of the toothbrush to scrub the stones and gently break them up. After using either type of toothbrush, get rid of any debris and small stones with mouthwash.

5. Drink Lemon Juice

The secret to using lemon juice as a method of how to remove tonsil stones is their vitamin C. Mix three tablespoons of lemon in warm water, adding other flavors if you want. Gargle the mixture around your tonsils to get rid of the stones and clean the area.

6. Eat Raw Onions or Raw Garlic Cloves

Garlic has anti-bacterial properties that can help get rid of bacteria. Since tonsil stones are a type of bacterial infection, it is the perfect remedy. Just chew on raw garlic cloves a few times every day to get rid of the bacteria that cause the stones to form.

Raw onions have the same anti-bacterial properties, helping with oral health while preventing infections. Just be sure to eat at least three onions every day. As a bonus, they will also get rid of the bad smell.

7. Use Unsweetened Yogurt

12 Beat Remedies for Tonsil Stone Removal

Unsweetened, natural yogurt contains probiotics. These beneficial bacteria can get rid of harmful bacteria, including those that cause the tonsils. It can also help prevent future tonsil stones.

8. Try Hydrogen Peroxide

In addition to cleaning wounds, hydrogen peroxide can also kill microorganisms in the throat. It will get rid of the harmful bacteria and the tonsil stones. Just mix a cup of hydrogen peroxide with some water and swish it in your mouth like any other mouthwash. Never swallow it. Repeat this a few times daily.

9. Use an Oral Irrigator

You can also use an oral irrigator. These are designed to get out of debris from the mouth and they can be used to flush tonsil stones out. They rely on pressured water and were first created to massage the gums.

Start with the irrigator on low to prevent gagging and gently massage your tonsils in the area by the tonsil stones. This should loosen them up enough to suck them out.

Medical Ways to Remove Tonsil Stones

In some cases, you will have to ask your doctor about how to remove tonsil stones with medical methods. This can become necessary if the stones grow too many, causing extreme discomfort or difficulties swallowing food. The treatment option to use will depend on the cause of the stones and other factors.

1. Antibiotics

In the short term, antibiotics can effectively treat tonsil stones. It most commonly involves amoxicillin which creates an environment that bacteria cannot thrive in. Keep in mind, however, that the treatment doesn’t get rid of the bacteria, delivering only a short-term effect. In other words, it reduces the tonsil stones but won’t prevent them. Additionally, the bacteria become immune to the antibiotics over time. Potential side effects include vomiting, fever, and diarrhea.

2. Tonsillectomy

As a last resort, your doctor may suggest removing the tonsil stones and tonsils completely. This is typically only recommended in the case of frequent tonsillitis, swollen tonsils, persistent bad breath, and large tonsil stones that make it challenging to swallow food.

3. Cryptolysis

How to remove tonsil stones? This method uses a laser. It involves faster healing and less pain than a tonsillectomy. Unfortunately, the tonsil tissues are left behind, meaning that tonsil stones may still form in the future.